Meet Rosie Hart - Check out her fitness journey!!!

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Meet Rosie Hart - Check out her fitness journey!!!

Meet Rosanna Hart , 37 is an bodybuilder. She is 37 and compete as a professional athlete. Here is a little insight into her fitness journey - 


When did you start your fitness journey?

 I was originally a dancer and I was studying for my degree in contemporary dance and theatre. In my final year my tutor asked me to start some resistance work to help me execute a more dynamic movement style. I happened to meet my now ex husband at the same time. This was around 2004, and he taught me everything I needed to know about training and nutrition to see immediate results.

I responded quickly and could see changes in my body tone and shape within a matter of weeks. I used to get such a buzz out of being able to lift heavy. I was so tiny, only 6stone, but so strong for my size.It wasn't long before my passion for weightlifting and bodybuilding grew and became my soul focus.

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I'm a super positive person, it comes naturally to me to feel happy and to have a bounce in my step each day. I find the world an exciting place still. I think a lot of people's spirits are dulled as they grow older, I've never list that childlike spark.

I love to dance, sing and anything creative or perfomance based. I'm also really interested in anything that makes me a better person, so I love to learn new things and meet new people all the time.

I like to make sure everyone around me is happy and fulfilling their potential. I have such a strong belief in my self and I love to make others realise their worth too.

I was brought up in a beautiful village near to the Lake District with my mum and brother. I lost my dad in a road accident when I was just a baby. This really gave me all the tools I needed to make sure I don't waste any of my life. I always have such a strong need to be doing something worthwhile, making my mark. It leaves you asking a lot of questions and wanting to learn about the world, why we're here? What's my purpose?

What are you favourtite -  muscle groups and exercises?

My favourite muscle groups are back, glutes and quads. They're all the areas that respond so quickly to anything I do. The pump and connection is mega when I train these areas so it's always an extra buzz! My favourite exercises are walking lunges. Ha. Crazy!!!  Sumo squats with the T bar row and squats ;)

Did you find it hard to break into the fitness industry, if so why?

I guess for the first ten years I didn't really pay much attention to anything but my contest placings. I've always placed well, 18 comps and only twice out of the top 3. This was all I thought mattered.

Then came social media. I think I was a bit late to realise the worth of social media, so I'm playing catch up.

I wanted to rebel against it at first as I find it incredibly lazy in a lot of ways and so many people posting an awful lot of egotistical nonsense, but getting so much praise. But I realise the amazing benefits of utilising this as a business tool. It's also nice to have a platform where you can share helpful health tips.

So I wouldn't say I've found it hard to break through into the fitness industry. I think there's just more avenues now to be successful, not just winning a competition. Now I realise and accept this I have more to play with and it actually broadens the whole experience for me.







What advice do you have for women wanting to compete?

I'd say try to train and diet for a while before you do a show. It can be an incredible stressful experience to compete and I think many go into it without knowing what's ahead.

Take your time, enjoy the gym, gain some muscle and experience. Learn about your body and then go compete.

For people already competing, I'd say get tough, learn to take criticism and use it to improve. You can't be a big cry baby every time someone judges your physique or you don't place where you expected. You have to love what you're doing whether you place or not.

Next I'd say learn how to separate the way you judge your own body as a stage ready body and off season (none competing) body. You have to have self confidence even when you don't have abs. Realise you're much more than just a body and a little bit of bodyfat is just fine and you're still a sweet, fine badass..

What are your achievements?

 1)Probably my most proud achievements have been reaching the Olympia on my first attempt and winning the Rookie of the year award.

2) Winning my pro debut competition at the Dallas Europa

3) 1st place ukbff British championships as a bodybuilder 2012

And of course

4) Winning my pro card at the Amateur Olympia in 2015 after taking the overall in women's physique.


What upcoming events do you have?

I'm going to be over in Berlin in April and Leipzig in Germany in May. I'm performing in a dance piece called "wonderwomen" It's an incredible piece of contemporary dance. The choreographer wanted to explore the world of female bodybuilding. She wanted to see what drives a woman to be strong, what we have to face because we are stepping out of stereotypes that are set for us. The beauty and sacrifice of our sport.

I'm also going to be competing again in August at the Tampa pro, hoping to get my invite to the Olympia again.


What is your favourite superhero?

I think I like cat woman. I just love to slinky way she moves about, super sexy but deadly!! And I just love the all in one black outfit. That would be my get up.

Plus I'm obsessed with cats. Ha



Sizing Chart
UK 4 6-8 10-12 14-16
EUROPE 32 34-36 38-40 42-44
USA/CANADA 0 2-4 6-8 10-12




82.6 CM 84.6-88.6 CM 89-94CM

99-104 CM